Lent & Learning

This year’s Lent season has gone much better for me than usual.  The weather is usually dark, cold, and just generally miserable and the effects of well-intended sermons each Sunday & Wednesday usually feel the same.  Why do we tell people how miserable they are just to expect them 40 days later to celebrate? The psychology just doesn’t work for me on this.  This year, even with some miserable weather, it’s been decent enough to go outside some weekends and Mark & I are at the tail-end of a Happiness bible study with our Wednesday night group.  We also had a mini-staycation with two family visits, and our house is cleaner because of it!

Thursday of last week, I posted on my way to a conference.  The IEI, International Educators of Illinois, met at Kendall College to talk about a variety of subjects. I was in Study Abroad 101 for the full day with two of our other newer advisors.  Speaking with some of the more seasoned professionals, I was reminded that experience isn’t always measured in years & that I should never apologize for my newness.  I met several people who I was able to continue talking to at the networking hour afterward.  I joined another international ed. group, and signed up to be mentored.  Here’s hoping I can build more skills this year!

Saturday was the last kickboxing class for a few weeks.  After that, the lady who leads the class and I went upstairs to meet the newly recruited accompanist for Sunday.  Our usual music people were in Iowa, so we spent roughly 2 hours figuring out the timing together with a piano instead of the usual guitar.  I’m still adjusting to Mark working all day, so afterwards I took a field trip to Lakeview to see him at his store.  I successfully came home with no new plants, even though the variety was great and they had small plants on sale.  Someday I will have the space for a garden…  I went to Trader Joe’s for the first time after leaving Mark’s store and found the best Indian food!  $2 for the same food that would cost me $14 in a restaurant.  Sunday we made it to the 8:30am service and met several people I’d never seen in our neighborhood.  They have cake & coffee between services with a Bible study, so I stayed for a bit before the 11am service started.

I walked around the Lakeview neighborhood for a long while on Saturday, and walked Jefferson Park on Sunday waiting for my parents train to arrive.  I joined them at the airport to see them off for 3 weeks in the UK with my sister. We have half a plan figured out for the day they come home, since the train schedule doesn’t work very well and my dad works the day after.  It looks like I’ll be driving them out of Chicago to meet my uncle who will take them the rest of the way back.


One thought on “Lent & Learning

  1. Glad to hear things are going well. The mentorship program sounds like a great opportunity, and I always have to remind myself that it’s okay to be new too 🙂 You sound like a true Chicago millennial with your succulents and Traders Joe’s haha 🙂 Love ya ❤


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