Life Happens

It’s been awhile!  I picked my parents up from the airport a week ago after they came home from visiting Sarah in the UK.  6-7 hours later, I made it home.  It poured all week, and I drove them to Indiana where my uncle met them with their car.

We had the last day of our bible study in Evanston and finished the 3 week hiatus from kickboxing. Thursday I went to the gym to try the class they were having & found out that they changed the schedule. It was the first class for a brand new zumba instructor. And I was the first one to show up.  We gained 3 extra people by the end, but it’s a bit awkward zumba-ing with just the instructor for 15-20 minutes!

Sunday was confirmation for three Tabor middle schoolers.  We went to the pastor’s house next door after church for a party since their youngest was one of the ones being confirmed.  We met their oldest who has an incredibly cute baby that hiccuped through the whole service.

Earlier in the week, the rental company notices put under all our doors & a nice little plaque was installed in the lobby announcing our new maintenance guy.  It seems that we may not have been the only ones disappointed in the speed & communication of the first guy.  Called the new guy Saturday for (another) bug issue & he arrived same-day to take pictures & contact the manager.  There’s a pronounced lack of English-as-a-first-language maintenance men, though.

Today we have a new coworker. We finally have a full team!  in 2-3 weeks, everyone will have a regular load of programs, and I get to keep Barcelona!


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